About Coral Sea Dreaming Ocean Channel

Inspired by David Hannan’s timeless film Coral Sea Dreaming and Kim Michelle Toft’s amazing new picture book coming out soon, we are now developing our new online Coral Sea Dreaming Ocean Channel to inform, engage and entertain the whole family. Browse sample content below and watch out for how to access lots more new bonus videos for kids, downloadable images and other resources for educational use coming soon.

Explore 2min Sea Creature videos:

Blue Ribbon Eels

Emperor Shrimp

Razorfish in seagrass

Snake Blenny

Pegasus Fish


Juvenile Boxfish

Reef Octopus

Goby with Blind Shrimp

Titan Triggerfish

Painted Trumpetfish


“Words alone can’t do justice to the magic and beauty of underwater worlds. “

– David Hannan – Emmy Award winning cinematographer
and creator of Coral Sea Dreamimg
& Antarctica Dreaming

Browse videos in many styles:

Virtual Pets

Video Art

Virtual Ocean Aquarium

Virtual Ocean Aquarium

Video Art


Virtual Pets

Living Reefs

See sea creature fact-files:

Imagine lots more videos, educational and premium content available as a members only bonus extra on The Coral Sea Dreaming Ocean Channel – with The Picture Book and other products coming soon

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