( Balistoides viridescens )

The Titan Triggerfish is found across the Indo-Pacific, and is the largest species of triggerfish in its home range, growing up to 75 cms (30 in) in length. Otherwise known as the Giant Triggerfish or Moustache Triggerfish, the Titan is most famous for its powerful beak-like mouth and hardy teeth which enables it to up-turn rocks and rubble to dine on coral. As they dine, other fish species typically hover close-by, feeding off the smaller organisms and detritus stirred up with the sand. Titan Triggerfish mostly occur in pairs or solo. They are territorial and be can be aggressive to other fish species. Divers should also keep their distance, especially in the breeding season. The fish build large cone-shaped nests for their eggs, which are guarded viciously by the female.

Never trust a Triggerfish! Like big underwater birds they build nests for their eggs, and won’t hesitate to bite humans who get too close.