Kim Toft’s Coral Sea Dreaming Picture Book Coming Out 2017

Inspired by the incredible High Definition scenes in the program Coral Sea Dreaming by David Hannan, reknowned artist, author, illustrator and publisher Kim Michelle Toft is currently finalising an amazing new book for children due for release during 2017 called Coral Sea Dreaming – The Picture Book.

Above: Kim painting the original artwork for the cover of the book on silk – 2 weeks work in 2 minutes !

.. the pull of the ocean and its everchanging tides are home to an abstract cast of characters, so when daytime fish hide, the nightshift begins: “As I lay my head to sleep, The colour blue began to seep, Inside my mind, inside my soul, Feeling weightless, lost control.” … a story told in beautiful hand-painted silks and poetic style suitable for children of all ages.

“Words alone can’t do justice to the magic and beauty of underwater worlds. Kim’s new hand-painted picture book will appeal to readers of all ages.”

David Hannan – Emmy Award winning cinematographer
& creator of the film Coral Sea Dreaming

Coral Sea Dreaming The Picture Book is coming soon:

  • Soft Cover printed book
  • eBook / iBook / App

Plus Bonus Extra Videos created by David Hannan included with the book – now previewed Here!

.. And the new Online Coral Sea Dreaming Channel .. as it unfolds ..

To find out more about the book, checkout the “Making Of” video below:

Update: While the book is now at the printers, setting up next stage of marketing and publicity, Kim has just launched a new GoFundMe page – which includes an option to pre-order the book  – to help her keep going to bring this amazing new publication to fruition.

A percentage of Sales revenues from Coral Sea Dreaming will be donated to OceanArkAlliance.

Above: Kim Michelle Toft artist, author, illustrator and publisher. To find out more about Kim, her unique silk art paintings and her other books visit her website.

Above: The book includes bonus extra videos created by David Hannan – preview here:

Above: Kim Toft at Artists For Conservation annual exhibition held at Grouse Mountain, Vancouver Canada September 28th 2016. Her work is profiled on their website here.

Above: All Kim Michelle Toft’s current childrens books are available on her Silkim Books label here